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Originally Posted by gobears1987 View Post
If Robin is managing this team next year, I'm going to be pretty upset.
Originally Posted by sox1970 View Post
Just let it go now, because it's going to happen.
Originally Posted by amsteel View Post
Get ready to be pretty upset.
Yeah, Robin ain't going anywhere.

If it makes you feel better, the Sox wouldn't have been a good team this year even without Robin and I don't think having Ventura as the manager of this team is going to make or break them in 2014 either. This team has such a long way to go to become a playoff contender again that I really don't see JR and KW doing anything to oust their good soldier Ventura.

Hire someone like Terry Francona? LOL - that's for teams that are serious about contending. My guess is that Kenny Williams knew the Sox were totally cooked for several years to come when it was time to replace Ozzie and they just went with someone who is a classy fan favorite who would take his lumps as the losses piled up without lashing out at the media, the fans, and a very untalented crop of players.

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