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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Yeah, except that's not at all what people are saying, people are noting that Sale is superior to Scherzer in every single way except for the one stat over which he has the least control. We're not talking about a middle of the pack-type SP, we're talking about the guy who is literally one of the best in the league. How someone can fancy themselves as an intellectual artist with a deeper understanding of baseball and still care about a pitcher's W-L record is hysterical.
This is where the stat crowd loses me. Why should you ignore pitchers W-L record? Or ERA? A fielders fielding Pct? They all count and they all matter, but everything in context. It gets ridiculous after awhile. I sometimes feel like I stepped down a rabbit hole where Pythagorean wins are more important than real ones. I turned 8 the year Yankee pitcher Bullet Bob Turley won the Cy Young. They only gave one of those a year from 1956-66. A lot us, including the little kid that was me knew Billy Pierce was better than Turley that year. We weren't all morons waiting for a savior like Bill James to appear. One of the indicators that Pierce had a great year was his ERA. Yeah I know, ERA is good for a laugh too.
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