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Originally Posted by ChiSoxFann View Post
Yesterday was most likely my last game of 2013. I still hate the opening video and wish the Pirates one was back. I'll say it again but the new video is really dull and did nothing for a pretty large Saturday night crowd. In the past (no matter our record) the fans would at least get excited and stand up to clap once Thunderstruck started. This video generates no reaction really.

Also, who is this new PA announcer they've used a few times this year? I hope they're not phasing Gene Honda out. In the top of the second he announced all full of energy, "now batting, Avisail Garcia!" then a couple seconds later softly corrected himself once he realized his mistake; "correction, now batting, Jason Giambi."

Hoping for better things in 2014, on and off the field.
Honda has a lot of jobs, including Illini football. When he's not doing a Sox game, it's because he's fulfilling other duties. I don't think announcers get "phased out". They just get fired.
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