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Figured this was good enough to bring back after my visit to the park tonight.

2 things:

1. I visited some friends in the UD around the middle of the game tonight. I took the far RF ramp up to get there. As I walked from the end of the ramp to their seats behind home plate, I noticed that all the vendors were closed off. Now that makes perfect sense to me as there were very few people sitting past the base paths. What I couldn't believe was that not only were the vendors closed off, but most of the lights were shut off too in the corners. I felt like I was walking down a dark alley to get to home plate. Are the Sox in such dire straights that they can't even keep the ****ing lights on throughout the open areas of the park?

2. As I was leaving the park after the fireworks I saw the following. There was a little old lady wandering toward the ramps. The ushers told her she needed to leave now down the ramps. She asked "Sorry, could I please use the bathroom over there first?" (pointing towards the bathrooms just past the ushers). The ushers reply? "No, you need to leave now". Classy. I'll wait for everyone to tell me it was her fault for not going to bathroom earlier now.
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