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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Scherzer, barring some very bad stuff in September, will win it unanimously. He deserves to win. Sale isn't even close, but will probably get a few third-place votes, although that could depend on who is voting this year.

Sale is not a consistent winner, and it isn't only a matter of run support, although he hasn't gotten a lot of that. It's a matter of, in too many cases this season, at least for an elite pitcher, not making the big pitch when he needs to. If you're having a Cy Young season, you don't give up a grand slam after a walk to load the bases when your team has a 3-0 lead in the sixth inning at home. Sale has some impressive numbers, but he isn't winning all the games an elite pitcher should be winning.

I expect more out of Sale than I've seen this year. I hope he is getting the experience this year that will help him win more games in the future.
I don't think anyone's saying that Chris Sale has dominated every start. He has however pitched enough quality games to be in consideration for CY Young top 3 at least. I assume you were referring to Sale's start against Texas. Every starter elite or not has a few bad games as Scherzer did against us a few days ago. By your theory King Felix should not have won the CY Young in 2010, he had a couple of bad starts where he made more than a few bad pitches. Chris Sale has pitched three bad games all year in my opinion. With 3 starts of him not going further than 5 IP. Scherzer has 4 games where he went 5 innings or less.

1. April 13 vs Cleveland 4.1 IP, 8 ER
2. August 3 vs Cleveland 5 IP, 5 ER
3. August 23 vs Texas 7 IP, 8 ER

The Sox have given Chris Sale more than 4 runs in only one of his losses. He has pitched 24 games where he allowed no more than 4 earned runs.

5 games 0 ER
5 games 1 ER
7 games 2 ER
5 games 3 ER
2 games 4 ER
1 game 5 ER
2 games 5< ER

Max Scherzer

3 games 0 ER
7 games 1 ER
9 games 2 ER
3 games 3 ER
4 games 4 ER
3 games 5 ER
0 games 5 < ER
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