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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Scherzer, barring some very bad stuff in September, will win it unanimously. He deserves to win. Sale isn't even close, but will probably get a few third-place votes, although that could depend on who is voting this year.

Sale is not a consistent winner, and it isn't only a matter of run support, although he hasn't gotten a lot of that. It's a matter of, in too many cases this season, at least for an elite pitcher, not making the big pitch when he needs to. If you're having a Cy Young season, you don't give up a grand slam after a walk to load the bases when your team has a 3-0 lead in the sixth inning at home. Sale has some impressive numbers, but he isn't winning all the games an elite pitcher should be winning.

I expect more out of Sale than I've seen this year. I hope he is getting the experience this year that will help him win more games in the future.
Oh, come on. Scherzer has given up big hits and lost leads only to be bailed out by his offense. He hasn't been a lights out Cy Young pitcher this year -- no one in the AL has, really; there are no Kershaws in this league. Instead, you've got Sale, Scherzer, Felix, Darvish and Sanchez who all have a legitimate case.

I'd wager that whoever finishes strongest will win. One of these guys (not Felix obviously) will win a couple more games and strike out 20+ while walking only 2-3 and giving up only one or two runs. That'll be your Cy Young.

Scherzer's faltered a bit down the stretch and lost a few games after making hay as a one-loss pitcher deep into the year. Had he kept that up and finished, say, 22-1 that would've been it, but 20-4 or however he ends up doesn't have the same luster.
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