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Originally Posted by ZombieRob View Post
Here for all in Denial. Pretty good article from another site.

This time, unfortunately, might be different. The shoulder capsule problem is a relatively rare diagnosis and gathering details on those who've had the same issue has also been problematic. But the preliminary research is not promising given the names on the list: Santana, Chris Young, Bradeb, Chien-Ming Wang, Felicono, Byrdak Mark Prior, Robb Nen, Maine,Ohka and Harden.
Thanks for posting this. I posted it myself a few times. People don't want to let it sink in. The best case of someone with Danks injury is Rich Harden, who was on and off the field his entire career because of it (with bouts of effectiveness). And Harden opted NOT to do the surgery.

He's also the only one to suffer it at a young age, like Danks.

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