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Originally Posted by ZombieRob View Post
You are aware that it's been over 12 months and they wouldn't of put him out there if they didn't feel he was ready. Especially with the investment they put in him. They gambled with him thinking he'd replace Buerhle and lost.
The great irony of this statement is that even as bad as Danks has been as he has recovered from his surgery, he's actually been basically as good (if not slightly better) than Buehrle...

DANKS - 131.1 IP, 6 K/9 IP, 1.9 BB/9 IP, 1.302 WHIP
BUEHRLE - 189.1 IP, 6.1 K/9 IP, 2.3 BB/9 IP, 1.331 WHIP

Just because a guy coming off from arm surgery is physically ready to pitch again is no guarantee that he will be immediately effective. It is, in many ways, learning the craft all over. Just like people recovering from leg injuries need to learn to walk again (and struggle initially with what was once a natural activity), pitchers need to learn to trust their mechanics that was once so natural.

Next year will be telling with Danks. I sincerely doubt he will ever be a frontline SP again in his career, but he still clearly has value as a starter. Most of his peripheral numbers this year are in line with his career norms with the exception of the rate of homers he has allowed. Hopefully that is only a result of him recovering his sharpness as he recovers from surgery. If he can cut down on the longballs it should make his numbers a lot more palatable next year.

At any rate, $45 million over 3 years for a pitcher of his caliber is not that awful. Even in this down year, he's been average at worst in most categories across the AL, and actually ranks surprisingly high in a few.

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