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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Oh god, first... Significantly larger map? What is the furthest point the Hawks would have to travel to the Cubs or Sox wouldn't? Edmonton? That's a 3 1/2 hour direct flight from Chicago. Seattle is 4 hours direct from Chicago. Let's not pretend like the Hawks are playing in Europe regularly.

Second, obviously, baseball is not hockey or basketball. I could easily be as condescending and point out that hockey players rarely see more than 20 minutes of actual play in a given game and that even my out of shape fatass is capable of 20 minutes of extraneous physical activity for 15-20 minutes per night, so how hard can hockey really be???, but I won't be and will just note that what makes certain sports difficult does not translate to others. Is baseball as physically difficult as football, basketball, or hockey? On an in-game basis, of course not, but over the course of a grueling, season in which you squeeze 162 games into roughly 190 days, yes it is very, very taxing on the body and mind. The NHL and NBA play about half as many games in the same amount of time on the calendar, so yes, obviously those teams are capable of extra travel. How often do the Hawks or Bulls play 6 games in 7 days? The Sox do that EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. It is not uncommon to see them play 10, 15, sometimes even 20 days in a row without an off day. What is a long run of consecutive games for the Hawks? 3 days in a row? 4 days? Ha ha ha ha ha ha.... Weren't people and players bitching about the "condensed" hockey schedule this season due to the lockout? They played 48 games in 3 1/2 months (roughly 110-115 days). Paul Konerko eats a schedule like that for breakfast every day.

A quick glance of the Blackhawks schedule this year, it looks like they play 3 road games in 3 different cities in 4 days on just three separate occasions this season. Three times. And each time they do, they follow it up with at least a 2-3 day break immediately afterward. WHAT WARRIORS THESE ICE MEN ARE.

The baseball schedule has been set this way for over 100 years, do you actually think that was by accident? And that you're the first person whose stumbled on this amazing secret that we could just add more travel and the quality of the product wouldn't suffer?
I may not agree with everything else on the post but you make a good point. I take exception with the last point though. Simply using the "that's the way it always has been" is a pretty weak argument. Travel, equipment, nutrition, training, and the quality of the fields are so much better than they were 100, 50, even 20 years ago. Very little in the world is the same today as it was 100 years ago.
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