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Originally Posted by chisoxfanatic View Post
Big deal! The Sox had 26 road series this season. That's about how many road series teams in MLB have. That is almost 63% of the traveling that NHL and NBA teams do. It's not uncommon for NHL teams to have a 7- or 8-game road trip in a 2-week span, and all are in different cities, spread out around a significantly larger map. You will often see the Blackhawks playing 3 games in 4 nights in 3 different cities. So, even if you do add more road series, MLB would STILL have less travel than the NHL or NBA, even though the later 2 leagues' players play a sport that's actually taxing on the body.
Let's put it this way: I don't really have an opinion either way if it would be technically possible, I just think that it's a pointless discussion because it would need player approval, and the players would never approve it. That's assuming that MLB even wants it, and part of me suspects they wouldn't, because if you play every team every year, it makes it harder to ever market some interleague series as a rare special event.
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