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Originally Posted by soxfanreggie View Post
You fire a coach when you have good players that you can't get enough wins out of. What Robin was given was a pretty bad roster concerning talent, contracts, and unfortunate luck with injuries. People are saying we should only keep a handful of players. Does that sound like we had a lot of talent?

My guess is that we'll see 2014 as an audition for different positions: 1B, 3B, OF, C, and RP. I keep Phegley as a backup C because we can't replace everything and maybe he could add value in that role, but we need to find our next starting catcher.

I'm hoping we find a good FA 3B or C for the future this year and the grab the opposite position for 2015 once Dunn is gone. At that point, we should also have a better view on what OF talent can start for us in the future.

As far as Beckham, I'm fine with him right now. We have far too many upgrades to make and questions to answer to worry about a guy whose hitting .274 and not a defensive liability at his position.
You think Ventura deserves to return because the team was bad? That's some twisted logic. You fire a manager when the team continually embarrasses itself with physical and mental errors.

Phegley doesn't become the backup catcher by virtue of him not being able to handle being a starter. He's not good enough right now to be a Major League catcher of any kind.

And 2014 is not serving as an audition. Garcia is the only competent outfielder on the roster. The team also needs a new first baseman, shortstop and third baseman.
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