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Originally Posted by anewman35 View Post
More two game series means more travel, even if the number of road games is the same. Think of it this way: If you have a road trip that's two 3-game series, you're traveling three times - once from home to the first city, once from the first city to the second city, and once back home. If you have three 2-game series, it's the same number of games, but it's four times traveling. That would add up over the course of the season. As much as it might make sense to fans, I really can't see the players going for it, and I can't see MLB caring enough to fight the players to make it happen.

Some really interesting reading is the current CBA: You'll see that there are very specific rules about all sorts of things. Right off the bat, both sides have agreed to no more than 20 interleague games, so that would have to be changed.
Big deal! The Sox had 26 road series this season. That's about how many road series teams in MLB have. That is almost 63% of the traveling that NHL and NBA teams do. It's not uncommon for NHL teams to have a 7- or 8-game road trip in a 2-week span, and all are in different cities, spread out around a significantly larger map. You will often see the Blackhawks playing 3 games in 4 nights in 3 different cities. So, even if you do add more road series, MLB would STILL have less travel than the NHL or NBA, even though the later 2 leagues' players play a sport that's actually taxing on the body.
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