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Originally Posted by Dick Allen View Post
ERA doesn't mean as much for a reliever. He frequently allows inherited runners to score if he's not giving up his own runs. The last thing I would call him is a bright spot.
That's fair, he does have a high IRS%. I counter with 2 points:
-At least for Lindstrom (and I'm guessing for most) IRS% is pretty volatile, so I wouldn't be surprised to see it fall next season.
-If you're going to discount ERA to some extent you have to discount IRS% too, since it's so situation and defense dependent. It's possible to come in, throw 3 pitches, get 3 outs and have an IRS of 100%. Or K 3 in a row and have an IRS% of 100%. Like most it's a good stat, but not perfect.

At least compared to Veal and Troncoso he's a god damn all star.
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