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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
I don't get this new trend of shutting down pitchers but i'm not a doctor or a scout either. I just don't see how this will help him, i personally feel shutting these guys down will only hurt them.
This isn't coming from doctors, not mainstream doctors anyway. Pitching 20 innings less in your rookie season isn't going to make you a stronger pitcher than you otherwise would be in the future and may deprive you of some needed experiences as a major league pitcher. What it does do is assure you won't take a line drive in the head or knee or tear up your ankle covering first, just as a star player would be taken out of a blowout game as a precaution.

Even Strasburg being shut down last year was counter to mainstream medical opinion. If fans will buy into that, when it cost the Nationals a chance at a World Series run, shutting down a rookie pitcher isn't going to alienate the fanbase of a last-place team. What surprises me is that baseball fans have bought in to the concept that shutting down pitchers helps their development.

Shutting down and otherwise limiting pitchers can put strain on the rest of the staff, but that doesn't seem to be a concern with the Marlins in September. But this is more about promoting next year's team than it is about developing a young pitcher.
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