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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
I don't know....the overall crowd may be smaller, but would the bump in attendance over what they would ordinarily get on that day be any different?

If you are saying the Cubs would rather have it as a summer weekend series, wouldn't those be dates that the Cubs have a huge crowd regardless of who they host? Maybe they'd rather have the Sox on a early season week day because that's when they've been getting smaller crowds of late (20,000 at a game last week).

I know i'll get flamed for saying this, but having the Cubs-Sox Series over with by May 8 next year is perfectly fine with me.

Now that the Cubs-Sox series has gone to a 2+2 format, I wonder if weekday games for the series are here to stay. Baseball's scheduling format doesn't provide for a 2 game weekend series.....unless they were able to lump in the battle for the BP Cup as a single Thurs-Sunday 4 game series.
No flame from me. If that series went away forever and never came back, it would not be missed. Stale and boring.
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