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Who are the keepers? Good question. At this point, taking performance, contract, salary, age, and likelihood of an upgrade into account, I'd keep the following:

A. Garcia
Gillespie (utility)
L. Garcia
Phegley (hopefully as a backup)

Though I put several players on the keeper list, only the top two are untouchable as far as I'm concerned (unless someone wants to make a ridiculously lopsided trade in our favor).

I'm hoping that our development program gets a complete overhaul over the offseason. We obviously (painfully obvious!) are not developing good position players to the extent that almost none of the young players cut down their swings with two strikes, defensive and baserunning fundamentals seem to be lost on too many, and our two young catchers have trouble catching the ball. Even if next year's roster approaches the entire season as a 6-month long extended spring training, I want to see signs of improvement in these areas. It might make signing mid-level FAs more difficult, but we have to implement a much better approach.
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