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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Agreed and next season is Viciedo's last cost-controlled season, he'll hit his first arbitration in winter of 14-15 and with Boras as his agent and his power numbers to date, he won't sign cheap.

IMO, Viciedo's done (barely) enough to keep his trade value fairly high. Hahn should get another cost-controlled piece for him and let some other team take the risk that he'll play well enough to justify the salary Boras will get him in 2015 and further down the road.

Avisail Garcia is a much better hitter, and would give us better all-around offense and defense in LF next season. Hopefully one of our myriad OF prospects is ready to step up next spring, and OF (and 1B) would be a prime upgrade position if the Sox decide to spend in FA.
Agreed. Viciedo's numbers are so downright pedestrian, it shouldn't be hard to replace or improve upon that production and we may also be able to improve the defense while we are at it. If the Sox choose to spend some cash this offeseason, there are some nice corner outfielders on the market. Pence, Choo, and Granderson come to mind.
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