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Originally Posted by Jurr View Post
Viciedo has NO GLOVE. He was picked up to provide power from a corner outfield position. He's a hole and a hat. Dump him.
When the season began, I thought it was too early to give up on Tank but I've come around to your opinion after this season. Tank has been here four seasons now and a full time player in two of them and has shown little improvement. He is approaching 1100 ABs at the big league level now and is 24 years old. We can't really look at him as a young prospect anymore. He has tremendous power but his refusal to shorten his swing is his downfall. As you pointed out, he has a poor glove (albeit a good arm though) so he has to hit to make him worth keeping out there. We need way more power production from the LF spot than we are getting.

Also, Hahn has been on record as saying that the White Sox need a more "diverse" offense next season. Replacing the free swinging/low OBP Viciedo is a good step towards a much needed overhaul of the White Sox lineup.
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