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Originally Posted by DrCrawdad View Post
The linked article mentions it and I've posted here before about the "announced attendance" (and got bashed by the person who started this thread, go figure...). For all the boasting by the Cubbies, their fans and the media about the Cubbies popularity and their attendance, it's surprising to me how little coverage their actual attendance gets. Good to see Gordon W. write about it.

I heard a very brief segment of the Cubbies radio broadcast today at around 3:30PM. They mentioned there was "the wave" going around Wrigley today. Les Grobstein's head must have exploded as he's claimed regularly that the wave never happens at Wrigley.
We're on the same page, for once. I have made sure not to mention this article to Hangar, as his head (and other things) may have exploded in glee.
Ridiculousness across all sports:

(1) "You have no valid opinion because you never played the game."
(2) "Stats are irrelevant. This guy just doesn't know how to win."
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