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Originally Posted by captain54 View Post
the worst depression was the way 67' ended.. in an extremely tight race at the end all the Sox had to do was beat the dregs of the AL, and everyone was extremely hopeful.. it didn't happen.. that closed the curtain on a long string of some really good years, going all the way back to pre- 59' Go-Go Sox.

I think it took the franchise 4 yrs to recover from what happened in 67'.. 72' with Tanner was fun, and some bright spots in 77', but it was another 4yr dry spell and in 82' you got the sense something good was beginning to happen.n

So those of us old enough (including myself) that have memories of 59', have only really seen 2 seasons (70' and 76') anywhere near as bad as 13'. That's 50+ seasons of watching baseball, gang.. that should give some perspective on how historically bad the 13' Sox are...
Imagine how depressed I was in 67, 1 week after the season ended I got orders to Viet Nam.
Batting in the second position for the White Sox, number 2, the second baseman Nelson Fox.
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