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Originally Posted by 34rancher View Post
Not a mob here. I've never wanted him since we suggested it. Go back to the thread where he signed. A couple of us blasted the signing that day and everyone tried throwing stats, logic, whatever at all of us on how the sox were the team to beat. Adam Dunn does not make anyone around him better. He has the worst offseason regimen of anyone in the franchise. The kind of hitter he is just does not make teams great. For what we are paying him, we could have Dunn a lot more. Use whatever argument you want, there's a reason that teams he are on are always disappointments and not in the playoffs. How's this for logic: last place and he's griping about no fun and retirement. He chose to come here and make the money.
Amen to that. He is not in any way shape or form a winner. I hope he is gone after this year and has a great rest of his life whether or not it is in baseball.
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