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Originally Posted by BleacherBandit View Post
Now they just have to make the playoffs.
All three of the NL Central leaders are going to get in; it just depends on the order.

Pirates open a HUGE 3-game series in St. Louis tonight, the last time they see them this season, and have to follow that up with 3 in Texas, who is in their own dogfight, again, with Oakland in the AL West. After that, they come home for 4 with the Cubs, 4 with the Padres, and 3 with the Reds before finishing on the road with 3 in Chicago and 3 in Cincinnati.

Cardinals follow the Pirates with 3 at home vs. Milwaukee and 3 vs. Seattle, before they go to Colorado for 4 and Milwaukee for 3. They finish at home with Washington for 3 and the Cubs for 3. Must be nice at this point in the season to only have 7 road games left.

The Reds, who still have a shot at this, host the Dodgers and Cubs for 3 each, go to Milwaukee, Houston, and Pittsburgh for 3 each, before finishing at home with the Mets and Pirates for 3 each.

Schedule advantage definitely goes to the Cards, who won't see a playoff team the entire last two weeks of the season.

As far as tiebreakers go, the Pirates will win the tiebreaker with St. Louis (they're up 10-6 now and can be no worse than 10-9) and right now lead the tiebreaker with Cincinnati (7-6 with 6 to play). St. Louis wins the tiebreaker with Cincinnati (11-8).
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