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Originally Posted by Hitmen77 View Post
Still stuck at 56 wins....6 losses down, 24 to go.

The 2013 Sox (56-82) are 7 games up on the '70 squad. In the 138th game of the 1970 season, the Sox lost 4-3 to the A's in Oakland.

Playing for the A's that day were lots of familiar names: Rick Monday, Bert Campaneris, Reggie Jackson, Rollie Fingers, etc.

We're not likely to catch the '70 team in futility, but we might catch the '76 team that finished with 97 losses. After 138 games, the '76 team is 3 games ahead of this year's squad with a 59-79 record.

In '76, the Sox beat Oakland 6-5.

Several of the same names in the '76 box score for Oakland as from the '70 game. Fingers, Campaneris, Tenace, Rudi. Interesting that future White Sox slacker Claudell Washington was in the lineup for the A's that day. As was Willie McCovey. I thought he played his entire career with the Giants.
Make that 7 in a row. White Sox baseball you have to love it.
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