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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
I think your dwelling on one bad incident. Fans used to run onto ballfields for decades and nowdays it's a felony. The Sox won the division in 83 and fans rushed the field and I don't recall anyone making a big deal over it. Apparently you would though. I don't think my comment is idiotic either.
Running onto the field after the game is different than running onto the field during the game. The former ceased because it is too costly to repair what are now multi million dollar playing surfaces. Your comment is idiotic on the level of saying TSA should be removed because most people don't have any intention of bringing box cutters onto a plane and hijacking it into a skyscraper. The Gamboa incident caught MLB with its pants down. Saying that you are entertained by watching people run onto the field is a meatball line of thinking. All it does is delay the game which is already too long due to extended commercial breaks.
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