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Originally Posted by FielderJones View Post
Neither Robin nor Manto walked a single batter. Could sports media in Boston be any dumber than in Chicago? Stay tuned.
I agree but the 19 walks was only part of the problem. Did you see???

Beckham muff 2 tags at second base??

How about Rienzo throwing twice to 1st to hold the runner. It was the catcher and he tried to keep the double play as an option. Well he stole 2nd ( first steal in 2 years) and no one covered the base. Then scored on a single.

The fly ball that fell between 2nd-CF-RF.

Konerko going home on a ground ball to 3rd and not even getting halway down the line.

Then to top it off, they had 2 fans make great catches of foul balls in the upper decks--one barehanded and one with his cap. Then they showed another one, a White Sox fan holding a hot dog in his hand and went for a foul ball. Dropped the dog and the ball. It was that kind of weekend.
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