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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
I don't understand how you think he came into this season without experience. He was a manager in 2012. His team won 85 games, even though they had lost a top pitcher (Buehrle) and a top offensive player (Quentin) they had a better record than they had the year before, when they were managed by an experienced manager with a WS ring.

Robin could manage this team for 20 seasons and some would still say he's inexperienced.
Sophmore Jinx???

Actually you say they lost Buehrle but they got Peavy for a full year and Sale became a dominating starter. They lost Quentin but Dunn's power numbers took a major jump.

My concern is that the offense has really dropped off by many of the regulars. Also the defense is very ragged. It looks like poor communication is a constant problem especially on pop-ups/flyballs. Maybe Robin stays (FWIW-- he says he wants to) and Manto goes. The Boston media was very critical of them this weekend with all the walks and miscues.
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