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Originally Posted by JermaineDye05 View Post
This really is bittersweet. It's nice to see the team playing better, but at the same time, since this team isn't going anywhere this season, I'm a little bummed that it's screwing up their draft order for next season. Would really like to get a top 5 pick next year.
If it makes you feel any better, the last time the Rays, the team everyone puts at or near the top of the building-through-the-draft list, had a first-round pick in the top five, they took Tim Beckham with the first pick overall. That was 2008, the year the White Sox took Gordon Beckham. Tim Beckham is hitting better, now in his second year at AAA. The Angels should get a better pick this year than they've had in the past, but they probably won't pick anyone as good as Mike Trout, who was passed over in 24 previous picks It wasn't like Sox fans were upset when Jared Mitchell was taken because Mike Trout could have been. Even Chris Sale was taken 13th. Granted, it was a strong draft, but seven of the 12 taken ahead of him haven't made it to the majors.

Frank Thomas was available at No. 7 in 1989, and no one more distinguished went sooner. Two earlier picks never made it to the majors. Maybe if the Cubs had won two more games in 1988, he would have spent his career channeling Ernie Banks and talking about the friendly confines for the rest of his life, but who knows who the Sox would have drafted if they had lost five more games. I honestly don't know if Thomas would have been the Sox pick if they were picking first instead of the Orioles.

The best you can do as a team is do as much right as you can. You want competitive players who play to win. I can't complain if the Sox have a month where they sweep the Yankees and take series from the Tigers and Rangers, even if they are in last place. I'm happy with the last road trip. I'm happy they took the series from the Astros. Not pennant-race happy, but dealing with non-contending seasons is part of being a baseball fan. A high draft spot is a very nebulous consolation prize for a losing season.
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