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I was told a few weeks ago by somebody who works for the White Sox that Dunn won't be on the White Sox in 2014. He called Dunn poison. That being said I was hoping that Dunn would be gone to some contender before the 2013 season was over. Its almost August 31st and it doesn't look like Dunn is going to be moved. It doesn't seem like these contenders want Dunn. The Pirates just picked up Byrd. The Rangers who seem to have a major hole at DH don't want Dunn either. I read somewhere that the Rangers plan on on using Nelson Cruz as there DH in the 2013 playoffs. I'm beginning to wonder if the White Sox are going to get stuck with Dunn for the 2014 season. Dave Schuester of the SCORE has said on the radio that Dunn has told him he intends to keep playing after his contract is up after the 2014 season. If that is the case I hope he doesn't sign another contract with the White Sox.

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