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Originally Posted by captain54 View Post
either way, with all the hype about the starting pitching.. the bullpen needs some serious work for 2014.. the bullpen stats for 2013 are just as discouraging as the offense, defense and baserunning.. at this point the bullpen negates any edge the Sox have in 2014 with the starting pitching..

Thornton wet the bed too many times this year... Reed isn't the answer IMHO, but he's cheap... nothing needs to be said about Trincoso... Crain's gone and no one close to replacing him.. hopefully the unloading of contracts can provide some relief... it has too
I really hope we use September for some tryouts for young pitchers. We need 4-5 new bullpen pitchers. I have no doubt that the poor pen is the cause of what I see is significant overuse of some starter and 2 relievers. I just think we have to use the crappy bullpen pitchers anyway, and take the losses.
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