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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
So, here is an interesting article (based on actual evidence) analyzing all the possibilities regarding injuries to Harvey, Strasburg, and other young pitchers, basically saying there is no real indicator, and that stats do *not* back up the "pitching more innings" theory.

One thing a poster will do to rip on another poster is to criticize "reading comprehension." OK maybe as I approach doddering old age I'm losing it but I didn't catch the bolded part in the article. In fact, and I hesitate to quote because of site rules, but didn't the author state that Harvey's extra innings pitched didn't cause his injury. Or at least the evidence didn't indicate as much. So I'm not being snarky, but politely asking where I missed the bolded. You are even welcome to criticize my reading comprehension. I just got home after a long walk in the South Carolina afternoon heat so I may use that as an excuse. Also thanks for the link. It was an interesting read.
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