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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
He is being shut down because he is soon going to pitch more innings in a professional year than he has ever done, and the Mets are well out of it.

Whether one thinks it's the right thing to do or some "new coddling trend," baseball is different today than it was even ten years ago - a lot of young pitchers used to start in the pen - now, more and more are being brought in to be in the rotation immediately. I am sure innings limits are tracked in the minors, as well.

I hate to be one of the people to make this type of comment, but your assertion of your opinion as fact really calls for it: I trust major league baseball organizations who have shifted to this model over the opinions of fans.

I know I am being harsh, but you are always a poster who, whether I agree with the post or not, makes points backed by rational statements and, importantly, facts. Just hoping you would do the same here.

Also, since you conveniently ignored it while making bold statements of "opinion/fact," I'll wait while you go take a look for the pitchers who just quit on the season early to protect their stats. I am pretty sure I won't get much of or any response there.
What? Huh?

Originally Posted by TDog View Post
It depends on the fanbase. The White Sox fanbase doesn't show their players the sort of respect that fans in other cities show their players, at least not one they're still active.
Originally Posted by TDog View Post
It isn't like Jones can take his place occasionally because he has been needed in most of the games where Reed has pitched. And Thornton was traded by popular demand.

White Sox Baseball
# of teams with a longer playoff drought = 3:
San Diego (2006), Miami (2003), Seattle (2001)

# of teams with fewer playoff appearances since 1995 = 4:
* (2), TOR (2), MIA (2), WASH(2), MILW(2)

# of Sox seasons in the this decade that were arguably dismal failures = 5:
2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Conclusion: Blame Sox fans for not showing up to enough games

* back to back AL Champs, WS Champs 2014-15

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