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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
There is nothing wrong with a young closer pitching in situations in which he will have to pitch in the future, especially considering the stretches this season when he didn't have the opportunity to pitch in save situations or with a tie in the ninth or later.

It isn't like Jones can take his place occasionally because he has been needed in most of the games where Reed has pitched. And Thornton was traded by popular demand.
I realize he has no one else to pitch...but tough. Pitch them anyway. Rienzo should have been pulled earlier too...doesn't really matter I guess, and it's an obvious effect of nothing in the pen past Jones and Reed.
And it's highly doubtful there will be a situation in which Reed must throw 8/11 games, 6 games in a row at one point, and the set-up guy 5/6. After all, I would think that other teams, especially teams in contention, would pitch their relievers like this if it was so necessary. But they don't. But Ventura insists on it, with a team out of contention. The front office needs to wake up.
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