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Originally Posted by DeadMoney View Post
Harvey has a partially torn UCL, will be DLd and may need Tommy John (which will be decided at a later date). The 'Arm Tear Roulette Wheel' strikes again.

As for Sale - my opinion now and in the future will always be: 'Use him until you lose him'. With pitchers, you have to just start assuming they'll need some major arm surgery at some point in their career. Innings limits, pitch count limits, wear and tear, mechanics, velocity, etc. mean nothing to me any longer. The odds are that if you're a professional pitcher, a major arm surgery will hit you at some point, no matter what anyone tries to do to prevent it. And if you're one of the lucky few who makes it through a career without your prized arm going under the knife, count your blessings because you are truly one of the lucky/gifted few.

Edit: I will say that the 'use him until you lose him' approach isn't me advocating for intentionally running guys into the ground. There's a way to do things within reason. A useful increase in innings over the course of the beginning of a career, while the pitcher is also learning how to make it through an entire season is important. The pitcher, the pitching coach, the manager, and the trainers are all professionals though. They should have an idea what is 'within reason' for a guy and act accordingly.
I'm in complete agreement with this. The way pitchers seem to do down these days its become ridiculous. Use them, but monitor them not only when they're on the mound, but in the days between starts too. What else is there to do? Pitchers keep getting hurt no matter what is or isn't done.
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