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Originally Posted by SCCWS View Post
Tragg: What have you been impressed with?? I think Gordon is the only regular who seems to have improved offensively but with only half a season of play. But Gordon, Alexei and Viciedo have all seen a major drop in their HR output this season. More importantly their RBI production is down as well. Gordon and Alexei have improved their average but the decline in RBI production has suffered. DeAza, however has seen his power and RBI numbers go up but his average has dropped.
I don't even include Konerko, Flowers, Keppinger and even Rios who saw their production down from last year but I don't think Manto is to blame.
Well, I've seen improvement in Beckham, including visible changes in approach. Yea, Flowers hasn't progressed; i have hopes for Viciedo still, but he hasn't either. Let me ask this - what players improved in hitting the several years before he got here?
As for the veterans, most of these guys are over 30 and it's hard to pinpoint issues. Dunn improved. I certainly won't blame him for Keppinger, a player I thought was a stiff before we signed him. That's my bias, I suppose, but I saw a lot of Astros games over the years (until they left Fox for some bizarre reason). Alexei is 32 and swings at what he wants to swing at. De Aza is having somewhat of an off year, but he could rebound next year.
If he leaves I won't cry about it. But I think Manto's been okay.
A bigger problem has been clowning defensively and on the base paths, bizarre decisions to bunt and to issue IWs, and pitcher use and over-use....things which fall on the manager. I know we won 80 something games last year and I know we played like dogs down the stretch. And the front office didn't exactly shine....they decided Wise would be #1 off the bench, signed Keppinger, and did nothing on bullpen depth. We were a starter short too - thank goodness for Santiago.
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