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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
As soon as you show me pitchers who have shut themselves down to preserve their stats, I'll go do this research. You statement regarding that, IMO, is totally unfounded. Thus, your answers have been evasive on that point. But nice way to put the onus on me because you don't want to do the research. A common theme on these boards when people make assertions without data.

It obviously has an appeal to organizations recently. We hear about it every season now for the past three, and especially two. We never used to hear about it before. Maybe "It seems to be a growing trend" is what I should have stated.

For that matter, no one has even shown that pitchers who have their innings limited have longer careers than pitchers who don't.
First of all, you are obsessing over a flippant aside that I made, that being that the only thing Harvey would have to gain by shutting himself down would be protecting his statistics. Really, it's more possible that he is injured and keeping it a secret, which would be more honorable, but again is wild speculation. Pitchers generally don't shut themselves down. They want to pitch. They want to pitch even when they are not 100 percent. The more they show they can do, the higher their earnings. For Strasburg, that isn't an issue. You would think for Harvey it would be. Most pitchers have the mentality of James Baldwin in 2000 or Jake Peavy more recently who only shut down when they can and, if anything, come back too soon.

Secondly, you are looking at isolated decisions made by a limited number of people while ignoring the mainstream baseball thought that is in disagreement. In September there will be prospects making starts for teams, contenders and non-contenders alike, who have pitched appreciably more innings this year than they have ever pitched before.

I have no doubt that Sale is tired. I have no doubt that Peavy is tired. I have no doubt that Verlander and Scherzer are tired. Even if they say they feel great, it is in the context of being veteran major league pitchers , knowing what pitching a major league season feels like and just feeling tired. In Hector Santiago's next start, he will surpass his career high in innings pitched, and I have no doubt he's tired.

Being a quality major league pitcher means pitching a major league season. I trust that if the White Sox don't shut down Sale, they know what they are doing.
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