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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
Is *that* what Matt Harvey is doing? If you think so, I think you are implying FAR too much from his words. Besides, it is the *team* shutting these guys down. Jeez. Perhaps you are a fan of the Dusty school of managing that unnecessarily puts heavy burdens on young pitchers.

You are also overgeneralizing as to the reason to shut down any starter. Strasburg the other year because of injury. Cashner this year for the same reason (he will be shut down soon). Gerrit Cole is being consistently pushed back.

Are they trying to protect their stats? Name the last few guys who packed it in early to protect their stats. There was probably someone, but I just backed up my position with facts. Your turn.
There is no reason to shut down a pitcher because he is tired. Everyone is tired. Not everyone who is under contract to pitch a full season has the luxury of shutting down.

Unless there's an injury no one is talking about, shutting Harvey down will not help him to be a better pitcher in the future.
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