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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
Another nice win, we went 4-2 against Texas this year, not too shabby.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say it won't take all that much to contend next year ( some wise FA pickups). I say screw the draft choices and win as many games as they can and head into next year with good vibes.
Next year we can be a lot more successful if we get more out of our young talent. If we have a catcher who can hit .230 or higher, that would be great. Right now, Phegley is at .213 and Flowers hit .190 with 250+ ABs (OBP under .250). We can't have that if they aren't going to be premier defensive catchers. If they are and you have hitters produce in other positions, then you can afford someone at .215 or .220 in this position.

I like what I have seen out of Beckham this year. He's batting almost .300 and if he can be a leader in the clubhouse, that's something we need for the future.

We also can win if we get production from the power positions: Dunn, Konerko, and Viciedo. Great to see Viciedo and Dunn hitting better as the season has progressed, but it doesn't do much for that to start when we're far behind. Konerko has battled some tough injuries this year. We either need him to be healthy or we need someone at 1B that can hit.

We have a lot of money to play with next year - enough that we can add a key FA or two to start toward a great 2015 season, when hopefully we would add a few more key pieces.
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