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Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
Okay, so he's in the top 10 in ERA and SO. That's good. He can be better in the win department. The number of victories a pitcher earns is of course dependent on run support, but it's not the only determining factor. He can improve on the other factors.

If Sale wants to reach his full potential, then he really does need to cut down on his bad pitches. Scherzer and Kershaw hardly make any in a game. Their concentration for a full game is amazing. Sale should aim to reach that mental level. It can be the difference in winning a game 1-0 or losing it 2-1. He's come up on the short end of some such games when he doesn't have to.

Yes, Sale needs to control his emotions on the mound. If you've watched most of his starts I think you would know that. He had a start, earlier this month if I remember correctly, where he got frustrated and mad and basically gave up, resorting to just whipping fastballs with a loose attitude. The result was not pretty. Again, I'll also point to his last start. He did something similar after serving up the first homer. He stopped pitching and just started chucking. That resulted in another bad pitch and another home run.

Sale's potential is not limited to being a Top 10 pitcher. He can be in the top handful and perhaps even the best, if he learns along the way and improves his mental makeup.
If anyone is blaming the pitcher for not getting the win in a 2-1 game, they need their head checked.
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