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Undercapitalized doesn't begin to describe the second Veeck ownership. He was operating on frayed shoestrings. It wouldn't have taken much to improve baseball operations. The new owners signed Fisk and Luzinski, expanded the promotional budget, and increased the number of scouts, among other things. It seems after the Sox fizzled in 84 there was a retrenchment that lasted until the team's future in Chicago was secured. I've stated over and over again that I consider the Reinsdorf era to have been a very mixed bag. Believe me they earned a lot of the bad feelings they engendered over the years. It helps to have been around for the duration to have a proper and fair perspective. There seems to me to be a dichotomy among younger and older Sox fans when it comes to evaluating the Reinsdorf ownership's legacy.
It should be noted that the "retrenchment" years were the collusion years, according to legal penalties and settlements anyway. Owners across baseball agreed to go cheap. The Sox re-signed Fisk during that period but no one else but the Royals offered him a contract. As the story goes, it wasn't better than the White Sox were offering. During that period, the Cubs got Andre Dawson for a base salary of half of what the Expos paid him the year before. Dawson reportedly went to the Cubs because no one was offering him a free-agent contract.
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