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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
He's like a college coach burning redshirts with 3 games left in the season to keep his job....although I don't see how 70 wins v. 60 will make a difference.
It's also possible the Sox are showcasing some of these guys. If there's one thing this team does have an abundance of, it is young pitching. Probably the only 2 SP you can definitely pencil in the rotation for next season is Sale (because he's a ****ing beast) and Danks (because of the contract). But after that, between Quintana, Santiago, Rienzo, Johnson, and maybe even Snodgress you have potentially 5 pitchers to fill 3 slots. It would absolutely not be crazy to think the Sox might deal from their strength to address some of their weaknesses in the off-season.

The same is true in the bullpen. There's no reason to think Reed won't be shopped this winter, closers are more valuable to teams that expect to be winning in the 9th inning regularly. Between Jones, Petricka, and Daniel Webb, the Sox have 3 candidates to replace him if he is dealt.

And again, all of this criticism comes against the backdrop that the Sox are probably one of the 2-3 best teams in the Majors at developing young pitching right now and have arguably the best training staff in the league, as well. If you want to talk about them rushing some of their young hitters in the minors, I'll listen to that, that's been a pretty regular criticism of this team in the last few years, but they do have a very good track record of developing and protecting young arms.

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