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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
The first three were not with the team for most of the season.

I did say they need to add a couple more bats.
The pitching was near the top,and continues to be without Jake.

The Giants were Champs last year, and this year they stink.
It happens every year, in both directions.
The Sox led the division last year with 8 days to go in the season.
Stranger things have happened.

Fickle game.. Its not as though the Sox were a whipping boy this year getting blown out game in game out. They have lost a bushel basket of 1 run games, turned into the "Twilght Zone" Sox on the base paths and in the field.

Next season we'll be bitchin about them not being 20 games over .500 when they are just 15.. Baseball.. another experience of love and lament.

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