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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Beckham got off to a good start in the first homestand of the season when the Sox won four of six. He was coming off a spring when he looked like he would have a strong offensive season. He went down in the first game of the first roadtrip, and the rest of the team followed. I think Beckham was going to have a good season, and a big reason the Sox fell out of contention was that they lost him.

When the team is losing after falling out of the race, fans complain they don't care. When they are winning after falling out of the race, fans complain that they didn't have the heart to win when it counted, or something like that. Or that it was against only the Royals and the Twins. But before the streak, the Sox swept a series against the Yankees and took two of three from the Tigers. They had a three-run lead in the Tigers game, but you have to go back awhile to find a White Sox loss where they didn't have a three-run lead at one point. And the team is doing it with a bullpen diminished from the start of the season, with the three experienced quality arms probably coming in to too many games.

I don't know that losing Peavy helped much, but Rios certainly looks unmissed (although he'll probably have a great offensive series against the Sox, just as Swisher's numbers against the White Sox have him hitting above .240 for the Indians this season).

Getting excited about a last-place team on an August winning streak isn't really appropriate, but the team still deserves credit for winning.
We wouldn't have Avisail Garcia without losing Peavy.

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