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Originally Posted by mzh View Post
I don't know what you remember, but Frank's exit was nothing short of a PR disaster, further compounded by his MVP caliber 2006. I also seem to recall quite a few people (myself included) having a conniption when Buehrle was allowed to walk.

Now, these were alleviated by the fact that Thome was immediately brought in in November of 2005, and that the Buehrle money went to locking up Danks (a popular move at the time). If the Sox are able to shift Viciedo to first or DH and bring in a legitimate corner outfielder, or spend money on a suitable replacement (the Abreu kid from Cuba comes to mind), I can see the majority of White Sox fandom letting PK go with grace. However, if we end up with Jordan Danks in Left Field next year as PK goes elsewhere, I suspect there may be some rumblings of discontent.

That's me playing devils advocate. I think now is about the right time to gracefully conclude the Paul Konerko era of White Sox baseball, for whatever the greater body of fans think. There does, however, need to be a suitable replacement ready. This team may not be going anywhere next year, but I'd still rather watch PK post a .660 OPS than Lars Anderson.
At what cost?
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