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Originally Posted by ND_Sox_Fan View Post
It was not a comparison of Rodriguez to Hernandez; rather, it was a comparison of the actions the two organizations took in response to their respective player's misconduct.
Well first off, before we address the RIDICULOUS notion that you consider the murder of 1, perhaps 3, people simple misconduct (boys will be boys!), it should also be noted that thanks to the vast superiority of the MLBPA, all MLB contracts are guaranteed; the Patriots cut a guy earlier this off-season because they found out he had diabetes, only the very cream of the crop superstars in football earn 100% guaranteed deals, almost every other player can be released for essentially no reason at very little reprocussion to the team financially. The Yankees can't cut the last man on their 40-man roster without cutting him a check for every cent he is owed.

Now, that said, there's an ENTIRE KNOWN UNIVERSE of difference between a player cheating within the confines of his own sport to gain a competitive edge (I mean, ****ing Gaylord Perry is in the HOF despite the fact he wrote a book about throwing illegal spitters his whole career) and savagely taking another human being's life.

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