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Originally Posted by beasly213 View Post
I'm not sure where you live in Bridgeport, but I was at 34th and Lowe for around 4 years, just moved out of the city about a year and a half ago and I never once had an issue with finding a parking spot within a block of my building. I think the furthest I ever had to park was the corner of 33rd and Lowe. I would see employees parking all the time in the area and like others said, they were given guest passes by people in the neighborhood, not a big deal..

To compare the congestion of Bridgeport to Wrigleyville is ridiculous
Okay, but I was saying that I noticed a problem with it just within the last 2 seasons or less. I am not the only one who is having a problem with it.

Maybe we ought to get the sox to only charge a reasonable rate for parking, no?

But I am at 37th and it is getting really bad here. So bad so that people are in the neighborhood are changing the signs from no thru traffic to no sox employees. I did live in both and I stand by my comparison. Not on a daily basis mind you, and certainly not congestion, but the parking issue here is getting bad with the game day employees.
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