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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Oh, Lordy, he's not blocking anyone in the system from getting PT in Chicago so what point does it serve just to release him? Next July, he'll only have a few months left on his deal, if he can possibly keep his turnaround going to start the 2014 season maybe (maybe) you can find someone willing to take a flyer on him. The Cubs were able to unload Alfonso Soriano and the Jays were able to get rid of Vernon Wells, both players though to be untradeable at one point in their careers.

If Dunn is keeping a highly touted young player stuck in AA or AAA, that's one thing. But he's not, all of the Sox's top hitting prospects still in the minors are still years away from being MLB ready. So play him out, roll the dice that he makes himself a valuable chip for next July. If he doesn't then what do you really lose?
I agree he is not blocking, but I think after this season his value will be as high as it will ever be. I think the Sox have to see how much they will have to pay of the $15mil and make the best deal they can get. Next July, only the "haves" will bid on him while in the offseason there may be more teams interested. Even if the Sox have to eat 9 and get a mediocre prospect, maybe they can use the money to sign a quality free agent as part of the rebuild.
My fear is Dunn is worse next year and the Sox get the mediocre prospect and nothing else next July.
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