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Default August 12th

My first Sox game in over a year was on August 12th. What made this particular trip special was that it was the first time I ever bought the tickets myself, so I brought my fiancee and my dad.

My dad spent most of the day laughing to himself because of our family's notoriously awful timing, as the weather forecast had predicted rain off and on most of the day. Sure enough as we arrived at about 5:30, it started to pour pretty hard.

Luck would have it though that the rain stopped not too long after, and I finally got to walk around the park and concourse on my own time and dime. I had a great polish, some funnelcake, and Chris Sale spanked the hell out of the Tigers in his complete game win. You can't get much better than that!

I just wanted to share with you guys how much fun I had during this trip, and should I eventually get the job I'm seeking, there will be countless more in the future.

Keep cheering our team everyone, its great to be part of the fanbase!
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