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Originally Posted by kobo View Post
This is from the referenced article:

"From June 8 to Aug. 15, Dunn had a .309/.416/.549 slash line with 14 home runs and 40 RBIs. He has walked 38 times and struck out only 58 over the 10-week period, an average of one whiff every 4.22 plate appearances. His batting average on balls in play has also soared from .162 in the first part of the season to .366."

If he keeps this new approach going and finishes the year strong I can see the Sox holding on to him for next year. And if he performs as well next year they might actually get something decent for him at the break next year.
Small sample size. His time with the Sox has been a disaster, one of the worst banner acquisitions by any team, ever. If he hadn't been such an epic failure the Sox would not be below .400 and and would not have already unloaded better players like Peavy and Rios. Finally, even if Dunn keeps hitting the way he is now, he just lifts the team to .425 and a worse draft position.

Simply put, if there's any chance of unloading his contract, the Sox have to jump at it.
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