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Originally Posted by soxfanreggie View Post
Two guys I can't stand broadcasting the Sox: Singleton and DJ. One left (hopefully won't be back). Wish the other would leave too! I really think broadcasters play a crucial part in the excitement around a team. If fans like listening to/watching games, it helps with that positive image.
DJ has grown a little bit on me on the radio. I think both guys, Farmer and DJ, have tightened up their broadcasting of the actual game after some criticism last year. DJ's likeable enough to keep around. I guess they may not have the talent of other teams, but Farmer and DJ seem like buddies and get along well enough, so it is sort of relaxing to listen to them. There is no tension that you sometimes here on the tv side.

Singleton has improved a lot on the radio too. I catch him occassionally on the Sunday night game, and he sounds like a different person. He was brutal with the Sox in 2007.
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