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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
1/2 season + 1 season >>>> zero-point-zero seasons.

One of my favorite lines of argument - those who have never played shouldn't be able to comment. We comment because we enjoy the sport and are fans - I don't think many of us think we can manage a game or a team (some do, but they're deluded). For MLB managers, it's a job. For us, it's entertainment.
If experience is required and you have none, your opinion, using your own criteria, is uninformed. You obviously cannot know what you are talking about. If Robin's "inexperience" causes him to make stupid decisions, how do the rest of us with zero experience even know his decisions are incorrect? How come playing for 15 years in the major leagues and being a team leader for the vast majority of those seasons, counts as zero experience anyways?

Besides, he now has almost 2 years of managerial experience. The lack of experience argument needs to go away.
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